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Working With Me One-On-One

Can you think of three daily actions that would make you healthier and happier right now if you could only follow through on them? Is the voice you use when talking to yourself as kind as the voice you would use talking to a loved one?

In my private coaching practice, I provide integrative wellness and recovery coaching for groups and individuals. My philosophy is inspired by the fundamental belief that we’re all inherently primed to move towards what’s healthy, loving and safe, but sometimes we get side tracked by habits and adaptations that we make to our environments in order to cope with life stressors.

The help of a supportive relationship with a trained coach and/or therapist can guide us back to our own internal wisdom and give us the tools we need to make change. My work is to create a shame-free, non-judgmental space where you feel a sense of unconditional warmth and openness. Because we can’t criticize ourselves into self love!

In sessions, I utilize a gentle, insight-focused combination of mindfulness and motivational interviewing. That means that I listen closely, try to ask good questions and reflect your own wisdom back to you. We might explore your ambivalence about thoughts, feelings and behaviors that are helping you get through the day…. but holding you back from feeling truly free. I also offer you techniques and coping skills that you can practice on your own like short meditations, urge surfing, mindful movement, intuitive eating, breathing exercises, self parenting and cognitive behavioral strategies for recognizing ways of thinking and responding to emotions that are keeping you from your goals.

I believe in Health at Every Size (HAES) and harm reduction approaches to wellness and all health related behavioral change, which means that weight loss isn’t central to my work. You might find that you loose weight as the result of our work together, but you also might find that you don’t: and instead get stronger, find ease and joy in movement and experience new feelings of confidence, connectedness, and embodiment. I also won’t ask you to be abstinent from any habit that you value or that you find find brings joy and balance to your life unless your immediate safety is at risk. Our goal is to shine a light on why you’re doing what you’re doing, what’s working for you (something is or you wouldn’t be here) and what you’re ready to let go of! I've worked extensively with individuals in recovery from self harm, binge eating and addiction as well as with individuals wanting to change or moderate drinking and drug use. I also specialize in working with women who are struggling with depression, anxiety, endometriosis, autoimmune diseases and chronic pain.

I meet with clients in my shared office as a clinical intern in flatiron (NYC), and as a coach in my offices in downtown Brooklyn and midtown. I also work with clients worldwide via Skype. I love working in harmony with other therapists, coaches, nutritionists, spiritual directors, mentors, teachers and holistic healers.