Health Coaching

Health Coaching and Behavioral Change

Health Coaching and Behavioral Change

“In a year of working with Sydney, I quit smoking and starting cooking for myself. For the FIRST TIME IN MY LIFE. But really what changed was my own belief in my ability to care for me. I’d always thought of coaching being like middle school basketball or bootcamp. Now I get that being harsher with myself doesn’t mean getting healthier. This experience helped me trust that I can actually do things to make myself feel good.” - February, 2016

Making A Change

Most of us already know three things that we could do to feel better and improve our emotional and physical wellbeing… but that doesn’t mean we do them!

The help of a supportive relationship with a trained coach can guide us back to our own internal wisdom and give us the tools we need to make change.

Coaching is shame-free, non-judgmental space where you feel a sense of unconditional warmth and openness. You bring your life’s experiences and your own expertise. We work together in collaboration to investigate how to best support you.

As a person who lives with chronic pain, I understand the struggle that comes with changing thoughts, behaviors and patterns of relating. I’ll keep our sessions at a pace that keeps your nervous system calm and resistance low… and keep our reflections forward moving so that you get the results you want.

Coaching is a great option for clients with chronic pain because it can be done from anywhere in the world via Skype. Worldwide and remote coaching is often just as effective as working together in person and you’re able to continue to integrate our work at your own pace in day to day life. If your plan is to get support in starting a new health related practice, this is perfect for you.

Mind & Body Kindness

Coaching is about starting from where you are right now, and taking an honest, compassionate inventory of what’s working and what’s not working for you. I’m committed to ensuring that the internal voice you use to talk to yourself is as kind as the one you use to speak to your friends and loved ones.

This can be a game changer for clients in recovery from trauma, substance use or a mental health event.

I also run groups where you can learn therapeutic skills and offer you techniques that you can practice on your own like short meditations, journaling, urge surfing, mindful movement, intuitive eating, breathing exercises, self parenting and cognitive behavioral strategies for recognizing core beliefs and working with emotions.


Meditative Journaling and Self Care

This group is designed to inspire participants to get in touch with the present moment, deepening our connection to our senses. In the past it's been a catalyst for long lasting connections and an opportunity to cultivate deep personal insight. If you're struggling with creative blocks, feeling disconnected or wanting to dedicate some time to getting to know yourself in a new way this is group for you.

Intuitive Eating and Mindfulness

In this group participants support each other in finding freedom from food rules, practice tuning into hunger cues, reflect on the way foods make you feel (with a focus on satisfaction) and discover that it's possible to trust your body to tell you how much to eat. We'll work on releasing body shame and fears around food and practice skills for grounding and soothing.

Coaching and Alignment Group

This group is an action oriented meeting place for people who are ready to make a shift in career, relationships or self care, but are struggling to get motivated. The reflections and discussion questions are focused on building sustainable daily habits, aligning our actions with our core values and learning skills to start taking steps towards the life you want.