Joyful Movement and Private Yoga Instruction


“Working with Sydney helped me feel so much relief and body acceptance during a major physical transition. I didn’t realize how much breathing, stretching and getting stronger would strengthen my nervous system, my sense of accomplishment and help with my back pain too. Joyful movement is a real mind-body experience. I’m healthier in more than one way.” - February, 2017

Benefits of a Movement Practice

Depression, anxiety, life changes, body shaming, and our culture's use
of exercise as punishment can turn us off from finding joy in daily
movement. Taking time to move our bodies regularly in a way that feels secure can have a powerful impact on mental and physical wellbeing. Walking, stretching, dancing or strength training everyday can:

  • Lift your mood

  • Help you live more fully with chronic conditions

  • Improve your digestion

  • Protect your joints

  • Support your immune system

  • Give you a better night’s sleep

Individual Joyful Movement and Private Yoga Sessions

Joyful Movement comes from the intuitive eating model. We’ll work
together to let your body lead and find a way of moving that feels so
good that you want to turn it into a daily practice. Together, we'll
create sequences that are inclusive, individualized, fluid and
identity affirming. I incorporate the principles of yoga as well as
aspects of dance, you bring your own natural style and preferences.
Sessions can be more meditative, restorative, strengthening,
energizing or relaxing depending on your goals.

These individual sessions cultivate overall wellbeing. They can help
you embody the qualities you want to present to the outside world and connect you to your emotional life. Most clients also notice physical improvements like getting stronger and more flexible. Often people’s posture improves and they learn to use their bodies in ways that can reduce chronic back, neck or joint pain.

Book a session to experience new dimensions of emotional freedom,
release tension and feel comfortable and confident taking care of