Meditation for Mental Health:

Meditation can be an incredible compliment to other wellness practices. A meditative practice can help you break habitual patterns of thinking and behavior, reduce stress, work with chronic pain, increase relaxed states that support physical and emotional healing, boost creativity and concentration and help you get in touch with the wisest and kindest parts of yourself.

In these sessions, I create individualized experiences that support overall well being by combining a variety of techniques including Yoga Nidra, Insight Meditation, Mindfulness and Concentration, Mantras, Visualizations, Body Awareness, Inner Child Work, Loving Kindness and Self Compassion.

Meditation for Mental Health also offers individualized sessions that are more clinically focused and designed to address specific health related concerns. In these sessions we design a program to work together on a variety of challenging issues like anxiety, pain management, grief after a breakup or loss, insomnia, ambivalence about a major life decision and or breaking a pattern related to food or substance use that no longer serves you.

Whether you’ve been meditating forever, but feeling stuck/struggling to create or enjoy a daily practice and feeling shame about it, or just started and can’t wait to dive in deeper, these experiences are always amazing and leave meditators feeling encouraged and empowered.