Trauma Therapy and EMDR


“EMDR has already changed my life. It did for me in 6 weeks, what 6 years of talk therapy couldn’t do. It shifted my day to day experience. It gave me the ability to sleep and to feel safe again.” - June, 2019

Trauma & Neurobiology

If you’ve lived with trauma or

Counseling involves a unique relationship because our time is structured so that we can both work together to support you. The boundaries of the professional relationship can offer a space to air out thoughts and emotions that otherwise get stuffed down or hidden. Confidentiality and professionalism can paradoxically create opportunities for intimacy, play, authenticity and spontaneity that extend into other parts of your life.

I bring my full self to my work and that includes my personal meditation practice and transformative experiences in recovery communities and therapy. I’ll invite you to bring your whole self to our time together too. Feel free to arrive in your current body with your current feelings. I welcome those struggling with substance use, toxic relationships or codependency, unsure about the process, searching for emotional wellbeing in all the wrong places or wanting to address grief and complex questions about what it means to be a person in the world.

What Changes in Trauma Focused Therapy

I've worked extensively with individuals in recovery from self harm, binge eating and addiction as well as with individuals wanting to change or moderate drinking and drug use. For many years, I taught in the Buddhist Recovery world and I’ve helped people with a variety of approaches to 12 step recovery (including adult children of alcoholics). I also specialize in using mindfulness to work with people who are struggling with depression, anxiety and chronic pain.

Phase 1, 2 and 3. Resourcing and Reprocessing

A Trauma Informed Approach

Ace Scores and kinds of trauma. How Trauma Impacts life.

Grounding, Mindfulness & Yoga

Calming your nervous system and resourcing.