Sydney Rose, Counseling, Mindfulness and HAES

Sydney Rose, Counseling, Mindfulness and HAES

“What a wonderful session! Sydney is one of those people who can listen to what you’re saying and relay it back to you in a way that creates greater clarity for you about your inner workings. She’s warm, made me feel comfortable straight away, and gave me concrete ideas about how to work towards my goals. I didn’t know exactly what I was walking into working with her, but it definitely exceeded expectations!” - May, 2019

Individual, Couples, Family and Group Sessions

I believe that as humans, we're relational by nature. We can't underestimate the healing power of authentic, collaborative and mutual relationships in filling a basic human need.

Counseling involves a unique relationship because our time is structured so that we can both work together to support you. The boundaries of the professional relationship can offer a space to air out thoughts and emotions that otherwise get stuffed down or hidden. Confidentiality and professionalism can paradoxically create opportunities for intimacy, play, authenticity and spontaneity that extend into other parts of your life.

I bring my full self to my work and that includes my personal meditation practice and transformative experiences in recovery communities and therapy. I’ll invite you to bring your whole self to our time together too. Feel free to arrive in your current body with your current feelings. I welcome those struggling with substance use, toxic relationships or codependency, unsure about the process, searching for emotional wellbeing in all the wrong places or wanting to address grief and complex questions about what it means to be a person in the world.

Approach, style and techniques

I utilize a gentle, insight-focused combination of mindfulness and motivational interviewing. That means that I listen closely, ask important questions and reflect your own wisdom back to you. We might explore your ambivalence about thoughts, feelings and behaviors that are helping you get through the day…. but holding you back from feeling truly free.

If you’re struggling to integrate a traumatic experience or adverse life events, I might suggest a specific form of therapy as part of our work together. In these cases I utilize a technique called EMDR. EMDR is highly effective in reducing symptoms of Post Traumatic Stress and complex trauma.

Populations served

I've worked extensively with individuals in recovery from self harm, binge eating and addiction as well as with individuals wanting to change or moderate drinking and drug use. For many years, I taught in the Buddhist Recovery world and I’ve helped people with a variety of approaches to 12 step recovery (including adult children of alcoholics). I also specialize in using mindfulness to work with people who are struggling with depression, anxiety and chronic pain.

I also work with couples who want to use mindfulness to break free from habitual patterns of relating and find new ways to communicate more authentically. I help you to recognize triggers and defenses. Together we work to release old traumas and stories you've been retelling in your minds by connecting with each other in transformative ways in the present moment. I work with married couples, queer couples, and polyamorous folks and am sex positive, BDSM friendly and welcoming to all kinds of people who want to be more wise and compassionate in relationship with others.

I meet with clients as a clinical intern in Flatiron, NYC (New York City). I also work with coaching clients in my New Jersey Office and worldwide via Skype. I love working in harmony with other therapists, coaches, nutritionists, spiritual directors, mentors, teachers and holistic healers.


For Individuals, Meditation, and Stress Reduction
45 minutes at $175

For Couples, EMDR, Pain Management and Private Yoga
60 mins at $230

Group or Family Sessions, Prenatal or Injury Recovery
Please schedule an initial consultation to discuss rates.

My goal is to provide accessibility to services that support wellbeing, so I offer sliding scale space for clients experiencing financial need. Please schedule a phone call or send an email to discuss.


While I do not participate as an in-network insurance provider, almost all of my clients are reimbursed by their insurance providers on an out-of-network basis, some are covered at in-network rates.

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