A Weight Neutral Approach To Wellness


“The only way to solve the weight problem is to stop making weight a problem—to stop judging ourselves and others by our size. Weight is not an effective measure of attractiveness, moral character, or health. The real enemy is weight stigma, for it is the stigmatization and fear of fat that causes the damage and deflects attention from true threats to our health and well-being.”
Linda Bacon

What is a weight neutral approach?

Spiritual trauma, authentic. Part of Health. Following your lead. Art, nature, poetry, creativity, wonder. Brings you back to your authentic self, to knowing, to feeling grounded and centered and clear.

The Benefits of Not Centering Weight

Cults abuse of power and disruption of contemplative practice. Misuse. Always validating, always empowering. No use of force. Just Rediscovery.

Impacts of Healthcare Bias

What’s the deal with suffering? Why are we here? Who even am I?

Harmful Impacts of Dieting

While I do not participate as an in-network insurance provider, almost all of my clients are reimbursed by their insurance providers on an out-of-network basis, some are covered at in-network rates.


Suggestions for Further Reading