Spirituality, Contemplative Practices and Counseling


“To see a World in a Grain of Sand
And a Heaven in a Wild Flower,
Hold Infinity in the palm of your hand
And Eternity in an hour.”
William Blake

What is a Spiritual Practice?

A spiritual practice is a specific, chosen ritual that humans take part in at a regular scheduled time to affirm our connection to our values, a sense of meaning and purpose or a belief in something bigger than ourselves. For a lot of us, it takes work to find a way of relating to the larger world and other beings that feels authentic. Some spiritual practices help remind us of what it feels like to experience of love or to the vulnerable awareness that life is temporary.

Often people feel more connected when we’re making art, walking in nature, writing poetry. Anything that engages your sense of imagination, creativity, wonder or brings you back to your to knowing and to feeling grounded and centered and clear is a spiritual practice.

Trauma & Secular Spirituality

Spirituality is a part of human health and how we engage with what’s mysterious and unknown says a lot about the beliefs that drive us in our daily decision making. While there’s absolutely nothing that requires us to believe in a “God” in order to be spiritually healthy, it can really help to have a space that’s not for work or money: but just about what feels connected to your life’s purpose.

Our relationship to spiritual topics is often driven by unconscious beliefs. Trauma can impact our sense of trust in the world and instill beliefs that make us feel unsafe and unworthy. Cults, oppressive and rejecting forms of religion and the abuse of power can seriously disrupt our contemplative practice and our lives. It can challenge our ability to feel whole and capable in the world.

If you’ve experienced a serious misuse of power in a spiritual community, it’s important to know that you deserve an environment that is validating, and empowering. If you find a spiritual counselor or teacher, they should follow your lead.

Existential & Contemplative Questions

Existential and contemplative questions are things like:

What’s the deal with suffering? Why are we here? Who even am I? Do I have a soul or a true self? How to I feel more congruent and aligned? Am I living my life based on the things I really care about?

These are questions that are central to the human experience. All of us have had them. Creating space to explore them were you feel loved and supported is part of what it means to live life.

Basic Goodness & Questions About Love

One of the greatest gifts of a spiritual practice can be the feeling that you are intrinsically valuable and worthy of love and belonging: regardless of what you’ve accomplished or created.

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