About Sydney


Education and Affiliations

Master of Social Work - NYU
B.A. Psychology and Sociology - New School
A.A., Social Work - County College of Morris
Certified Holistic Health Coach - Institute for Integrative Nutrition

The International Society for Psychological and Social Approaches to Psychosis
The Icarus Project
The Institute for Democracy and Diversity at The New School
Safe Zone Training
The Buddhist Recovery Network
Generation Meditation at Mindful NYU
Seeking Safety
Gratitude Migration

Yoga and Meditation

The Lineage Project - 20 Hour Training Intensive
Restorative Yoga & The Central Nervous System - Yoga Vida
200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training - Laughing Lotus
Workplace Wellness Meditation Teacher Training - Exubrancy
Year-long meditation Instructor and Secular Buddhist Program - The Interdependence Project:
6 Weeks in Continuous Meditative Practice - Insight Meditation Society Retreat
Buddhism, Trauma and Neuroscience - Jim Hopper
Buddhist Languages - The New School
Buddhism and Gender - The New School
Over 6,000 hours of combined retreat practice


Psychedelics In Clinical Practice - The Center for Optimal Living
Come As You Are - Emily Nagoski
EMDR - The Center for Creative Mindfulness
Motivational Interviewing with Sturtevant at The Kripalu Center
CBT Interventions - NYU
Creative Arts Therapy Intensive - NYU
Dance Therapy Intensive - The New School
University of Medicine and Dentistry in New Jersey - Substance Use and Abuse
University of Medicine and Dentistry in New Jersey - Youth Substance Use: Dual Diagnosis
Strengthening Families Program - The Lutra Group


I’m Sydney.

I provide integrative, weight neutral, body positive wellness coaching for people who’re struggling with chronic pain and managing stress. I also provide trauma informed counseling and teach relational mindfulness to couples and all kinds of people who want to break old habits of communication and to connect more authentically.

My philosophy is inspired by the fundamental belief that we’re all inherently primed to move towards what’s healthy, loving and safe. Sometimes we get side tracked by habits and adaptations that we make to our environments in order to cope with life stressors. 

My style is relaxed, responsive, curious, affirming and enthusiastically imperfect. I appreciate the effort and presence of my clients and the growth that comes to all who participate in sharing and listening with intentions of compassion, healing and cultivating awareness. 

I bring my full self to my work and that includes my personal meditation practice and transformative experiences in recovery communities and therapy. I’ll invite you to bring your whole self to our time together too.

Feel free to arrive in your current body with your current feelings. I welcome those struggling with substance use, toxic relationships or codependency, unsure about the process, searching for emotional wellbeing in all the wrong places or wanting to address grief and complex questions about what it means to be a person in the world. 

I also have over 10 years of experience bringing mindfulness based, trauma-informed, person-centered interventions to individuals and groups through community organizations. Many of those organizations serve people who are impacted by the criminal justice, child welfare, special education and mental health systems.

I specialize in creating wellness programs that integrate principles of trauma informed yoga, health at every size, intuitive eating, the social determinants of health, weight neutrality, harm reduction and contemplative practices.

I’m passionate about bringing evidence-based workshops to therapeutic environments and about supporting clients in cultivating greater ease in their relationships with their thoughts, emotions, physical bodies, and the world. 


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